Lachie Hinton is an Australian figurative artist based in Sydney. His work explores the fundamentals of human nature through the social and political forces that shape it. Examining the human condition across contemporary societies and cultures, he characterises his subjects through an expressive interpretation of experience. Through painting, drawing and elements of photojournalism, Hinton’s stylized imagery oscillates between crisis points and the quotidian moments of everyday life.

Lachie Hinton in Pyongyang, North Korea, 2014.

Hinton’s art spans themes from human rights to social issues, sexuality and identity. He is no stranger to zones of tension, having travelled to North Korea to capture daily life in the isolated nation in 2014 and following the route of refugees through camps in Turkey and Greece during the European refugee crisis of 2016. Hinton is inspired to communicate stories and ideas through his subjects often in adverse environments, illustrating social structures and frictions at play.

Lachie Hinton at 'On the Refugee Trail to Europe', Collab Gallery, 2017.